Fierce Blue Bear Milagros Seattle
Fierce Blue Bear Milagros Seattle

Fierce Blue Bear

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Dimensions in inches (Width x Height x Depth): 17 x 16 x 11

Renown for their psychedelic use of color and intricately painted imagery, the Sosa family never fails to astonish. Their pieces are gracefully carved and always fun.

Oxacan wood carvings are whimsical and enchanting figures that have captivated collectors around the world. They are imaginative and brilliantly colored figures that have been hand carved and hand painted in tiny villages around the city of Oaxaca.

Each figure is handmade from copal wood using machetes and pocket knives. Artists carve the basic shape of a figure in a few days and then spend several days creating the fine detail. They further hand sand each piece and then spend several days in the painting process. The artists use fantasy and imagination in their intricately painted designs.  The carvings are full of movement and humor and are an authentic folk art form that knows no boundaries. 

The Sosa family has a very distinctive style. Their imagery is flooded with a multitude of colors that nearly vibrate with energy.

Each carving is an original work of art and no two pieces are identical.